"I'm Always making the Image
of my projects to be a Film Look!"
"I am always interpreting Commercials
as Big films of the small format!"
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"In my work even if it is a TV Sires, I am Always
reaching the Film Look of it!
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Music Videos
More Music Videos!
About Me
Was born 28 march 1981 in Moscow, Russia!

In 2003 Graduated Budapest Cinematographer MasterClass with Laszlo Kovacs & Vilmos Zsigmond.

From 2003 professional working in film industry as DoP.

For Today did 29 film projects as Cinematographer!

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In 2004 Graduated Russian State Institute of Cinematography
Director of Photography (Vadim Ivanovich Usov Clacc)

From 2015 teaching cinematographer students at Institute of Film and Television (GITR)

Doing a lot of personal MasterClasses and Trainings about Cinematographer Work!

Brands with whom i worked in Commercials:

- Viasat
- KupiVip
- Silwerhof
- Rosno
- Triumph
- Baden

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Musicians with whom i worked in Music Videos:

- So-So Pavlioshvilly
- Anjelicka Agulbash
- Konech Filma
- Piknick
- Elena Bereng

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Awards & Degrees
From 2005 member of Russian Guild of Cinematographers R.G.C.
(Part of IMACO).

Assistant professor of Cinematography department Institute of Film and Television (GITR)

2018 - Best Cinematography in film "Dominika" at "Festival of the films for children and teenagers "Hero" "

2018 - Beverly Hills Film Festival, "Dominika" - BEST FEATURE Film

2018 - Alaska Film Awards, "Dominika" - BEST COMEDY Film

2018 - Best Cinematography in film "Sin" -Skey Cimema Festival

2016 - "Eyes&Ears of Europe" Mane prize for "Empire Of The Tsars"
"Viasat History" in
Munich, in the category of the best broadcast documentary.

2016 - Silver for "Empire Of The Tsars"
"Viasat History"
"Promax BDA UK" (2016г., London).

2017 - "Empire Of The Tsars"
"Viasat History"
"Promax BDA Europe" (Amsrterdam).

2016 - Silver at International Festival "Clio Key art" in Hollywood.

2004 - Best Cinematography in film "Svoloch Kino" ("Bastard Cinema") at "Festival 4D - Fourth Dimension.

2004 - The Grand Prix for the film "Son" at Festival "Holy Anna".

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